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Brought to Light: Photography and the Invisible, 1840-1900

  • 2_Talbot_mothwing_web.jpg

    William Henry Fox Talbot, Photomicrograph of moth wings, ca. 1840; Calotype negative

  • 3_Binden_lightning_web.jpg

    A. H. Binden, Lightning, 1888; Stephen White Collection II, Los Angeles

  • 4_vanheurck_xray_lefthand_web.jpg

    Henri van Heurck, X-ray of a hand with a ring, 1896; Courtesy Galerie GÉRARD-LÉVY, Paris

  • 5_Allenandrowell_moon_web.jpg

    Edward L. Allen and Frank Rowell, The moon, made at the Observatório Nacional, Cordoba, Spain, 1876; Stephen White Collection II, Los Angeles

  • 6_ABX_eder_chamaleoncristatus_web.jpg

    Josef Maria Eder and Eduard Valenta, Chamaeleon Cristatus, 1896; Photogravure

  • 7_Schnauss_elektrograp_web.jpg

    Hermann Schnauss, Electrograph of a brass wire gauge, 1900; Albertina, Vienna, permanent loan of the Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt, Vienna

  • 8_Durham_photomicrograph_dune_web.jpg

    Arthur E. Durham, Photomicrograph of a fly, ca.1865

  • 9_durhamandhickson_aflea_web.jpg

    Arthur E. Durham, Photomicrograph of a flea, 1863 or 1864; The RPS Collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford, England, purchased with the Assistance of the Art Fund

  • 10_Bentley_snowflake_web.jpg

    Wilson Alwyn Bentley, Snowflakes, before 1905; Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washington, D.C.

  • 11_Muybridge_bouquet_web.jpg

    Eadweard Muybridge, Bouquet with rider, ca. 1887; Collotype

  • 1_Bertsch_acarus_scabei_web.jpg

    Auguste-Adolphe Bertsch, Male itch mite, ca. 1853–57; San Francisco Museum of Art, Members of Foto Forum

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