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  • SFMOMA_store_07_Kookii.jpg

    Kookii espresso set, designed by Fellina Sok-Cham, $45

  • SFMOMA_store_01_Cocktail.jpg

    Stainless steel cocktail fork set, $40 for a set of twelve

  • SFMOMA_store_01_Cocktaila.jpg

    Stainless steel cocktail fork set, $40 for a set of twelve

  • SFMOMA_store_02_Bamboo.jpg

    Bamboo fruit bowl, $34

  • SFMOMA_store_03_Govino.jpg

    Govino stemless wine glasses, $12 for a set of 4

  • SFMOMA_store_04_Whisky.jpg

    Whisky Stones, designed by Andrew Hellman, $20 for a set of nine

  • SFMOMA_store_05_Cheese2.jpg

    Wave cheese knife set, $40

  • SFMOMA_store_06_Heath.jpg

    Heath Ceramic espresso cup and saucer set, $58 for a set of two

  • SFMOMA_store_06_Heatha.jpg

    Heath Ceramic espresso cup and saucer set, $58 for a set of two

  • SFMOMA_store_08_Officeoriginair.jpg

    Officeoriginair herb garden, $45

  • SFMOMA_store_09_Boogie2.jpg

    Boogie Woogie salt and pepper shakers, designed by Murken Hansen, $32

  • SFMOMA_store_10_Balance.jpg

    Balance salt and pepper set, designed by Woody Hsieh, $32

  • SFMOMA_store_11_Teak.jpg

    Teak candle holders, designed by Bahari, $22–$28

  • SFMOMA_store_11_Teak_2.jpg

    Teak candle holders, designed by Bahari, $22–$28

  • SFMOMA_store_12_ScandiPhone.jpg

    ScandiPhone, $65

  • SFMOMA_store_13_Calculator.jpg

    Mobile calculator, designed by Yuento, $45

  • SFMOMA_store_13_Cupstack.jpg

    Cupstack lamp, designed by Eric Pfeiffer, $99

  • SFMOMA_store_14_Stamp.jpg

    Yellow Owl stamp sets, designed by Christine Schmidt, $30

  • SFMOMA_store_15_Crystal.jpg

    Crystal domino set, designed by Selab, $90

  • SFMOMA_store_16_Doris.jpg

    Zipper circles necklaces, designed by Doris Viñas, $18–$42

  • SFMOMA_store_17_Zipper.jpg

    Zipper circles ring, designed by Doris Viñas, $20

  • SFMOMA_store_18_Necklace.jpg

    Murano glass necklace, designed by Lili Nemirovsky, $165

  • SFMOMA_store_19_Jewlery.jpg

    Tuck box, designed by Lawrence Chu, $28

  • SFMOMA_store_20_Doodle.jpg

    Doodle Doll, designed by Merav Flam, $48

  • SFMOMA_store_21_Bib.jpg

    Tidy bib, designed by Built NY, $10

  • SFMOMA_store_22_Pile.jpg

    The Pile On Game, designed by Mamoru Fukui, Daimon Kanno, and Yuta Fuki, $45

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