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The Anniversary Show

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_01_I_want_you.jpg

    Tony Labat: I Want You, 2008; street poster; Public programs poster; Design: MendeDesign; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_02_Nervi.jpg

    Pier Luigi Nervi: Space and Structural Integrity, 1961; exhibition poster; designer unknown; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_03_Scandinavia.jpg

    Design in Scandinavia, 1957; exhibition poster; Artwork: Tapio Wirkkala; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_04_Noise_Pop.jpg

    SFMOMA College Night with Noise Pop, 2006; public programs poster; Design: Jason Munn/The Small Stakes; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_05_Reifenstahl.jpg


    Films at SFMOMA: Also Dances: The Films of Fred Astaire and Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia,

    2007; press sheet, film series posters; Design: MendeDesign; Photography: Martin Munkacsi; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_06_Tamayo.jpg

    Recent Paintings by Tamayo, 1954; exhibition mailer; Cover Artwork: Rufino Tamayo; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_07_Two_Bldgs.jpg

    Two Buildings: San Francisco 1959, 1959; exhibition mailer; Design: unknown; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_08_20_Years.jpg

    20th Century Design U.S.A., 1960; exhibition poster; Design: unknown; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_09_Arneson.jpg

    Robert Arneson: Retrospective Exhibition, 1974; exhibition poster; Design: Peter Teubner; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_10_Ballet_Exhib.jpg

    Original Costume and Stage Designs for the Ballet, 1935; exhibition poster; Design: Blanchard Press; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_11_Camera_Obscura_Film_Fest.jpg

    Camera Obscura Film Festival (Poets of the Cities: New York and San Francisco 1950-1965), 1975; poster; Design: Bruce Conner; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_12_Dome.jpg

    Dome: Air, Water, Light Sound, 1972; exhibition poster; Design: unknown; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_13_Nevelson.jpg

    Louise Nevelson Wood Sculptures, 1974; exhibition poster; Design: Ross; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_14_Herzog.jpg

    Werner Herzog Retrospective, 2006; film series poster; Design: MendeDesign; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_15_Colorists.jpg

    Colorists: 1950-1965, 1965; exhibition poster; designer unknown; Collection SFMOMA

  • SFMOMA_Dispatches_16_NonWesternWesterns.jpg

    Non-Western Westerns, 2008; public programs poster; Design: Martin Venezky's Appetite Engineers; Collection SFMOMA

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