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Tobias Wong

  • TobiasWong_01_Indulgentseries_web.jpg

    Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, Coke Spoon 01, Coke Spoon 02 and Swizzle Stick, from the Indulgent series, 2005; metal; Collection SFMOMA, purchase through the gift of an anonymous donor and gift of CITIZEN: Citizen; © Estate of Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid; photo: courtesy SFMOMA

  • TobiasWong_02_BulletproofQuilt_web.jpg

    Tobias Wong, Bulletproof Quilted Duvet, 2004, ballistic nylon, cotton, and cotton flannel; Collection SFMOMA, gift of Josee Lepage; © Estate of Tobias Wong; photo: courtesy SFMOMA

  • TobiasWong_03_SmokingMittens_web.jpg

    Tobias Wong, Smoking Mittens, 2003; cotton and steel eyelet; Collection SFMOMA, gift of Suck UK; © Estate of Tobias Wong; photo: courtesy SFMOMA

  • TobiasWong_04_Caspercandle_web.jpg

    Tobias Wong, Casper* candle (*pronounced in French only), 2003; crystal and paraffin oil; Collection SFMOMA, gift of Inform Interiors; © Estate of Tobias Wong; photo: James Wade

  • TobiasWong_05_BallisticRoseweb.jpg

    Tobias Wong, Ballistic Rose, 2004; ballistic nylon; Collection SFMOMA, gift of CITIZEN: Citizen; © Estate of Tobias Wong; photo: Philip Wood

  • TobiasWong_06_ProtectMetattoo_web.jpg

    Tobias Wong, Protect Me From What I Want, 2002; artist tattoo; © Estate of Tobias Wong

  • Paradesign_01_Arad_AYOR_web.jpg

    Ron Arad, AYOR (At Your Own Risk), 1991; blue anodized steel with lead weights; 36 1/4 x 21 5/8 x 19 1/4 in. (92.08 x 54.93 x 48.9 cm); collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund purchase; © Ron Arad

  • Paradesign_03_Barbieri_Montreal_web.jpg

    Olivo Barbieri, site specific_ MONTREAL 04 [Buckminster Fuller Dome], 2004; chromogenic print; 48 x 60 in. (121.92 x 152.4 cm); collection SFMOMA purchase through a gift of Barry R. Campbell, Toronto, Canada, and the Accessions Committee Fund; © Olivo Barbieri

  • ParaDesign_06_Wegner_BuildingsMadeofSky_web.jpg

    Peter Wegner, Buildings Made of Sky, 2004/2007; 32 archival inkjet prints on acid free paper with UV coating; 64 x 104 in.; xollection SFMOMA; © Peter Wegner

  • Paradesign_08_Sachs_KnollLoveseatTable_web.jpg

    Tom Sachs, Knoll Loveseat and End Table, 1996; tape, phonebooks, steel, and wood; collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund purchase; © Tom Sachs / Knoll

  • Paradesign_10_Woods_DQuad44A2_web.jpg

    Lebbeus Woods, D-QUAD 44A2, from the series Centricity, 1987-1988, 1988; colored pencil on Strathmore paper; 22 x 24 in. (55.88 x 60.96 cm); collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund purchase; © Lebbeus Woods

  • Paradesign_11_Schweder_BiBardon_web.jpg

    Alex Schweder, Bi-Bardon, 2001; vitreous china; 34 x 32 x 14 in. (86.36 x 81.28 x 35.56 cm); collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund purchase; © Alex Schweder

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