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Parra: Weirded Out

  • 1_sfmoma_parra_weirdedout.jpg

    Parra, Weirded Out, 2012; acrylic on white wall; Courtesy Parra and SFMOMA; © Parra

  • 2_sfmoma_parra_weirdedoutdetail.jpg

    Parra, Weirded Out (detail), 2012; acrylic on white wall; Courtesy Parra and SFMOMA; © Parra

  • 3_sfmoma_parra_therewillbedrama.jpg

    Parra, There Will Be Drama, 2009; full color stencil print; 42 x 29.7 cm; © Parra

  • 4_sfmoma_parra_yes.jpg

    Parra, Yes, 2009; silkscreen print; 50 x70 cm; © Parra

  • 5_sfmoma_parra_rendezvous.jpg

    Parra, Rendezvous, 2010; silkscreen print; 24 x 36 in.; © Parra

  • 6_sfmoma_parra_verynicehowmuch.jpg

    Parra, Very Nice How Much, 2010; silkscreen poster insert for It's Nice That magazine; 52 x 97.5 cm; © Parra

  • 7_sfmoma_parra_money.jpg

    Parra, Money, 2010; silkscreen print; 70 x 100 cm; © Parra

  • 8_sfmoma_penguin_stay.jpg

    Parra, Stay, 2011; acrylic on canvas; 100 x 140 cm; © Parra

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