Department Overview

Anthony McCall, You and I, Horizontal, 2005
Anthony McCall, You and I, Horizontal, 2005; computer, computer script, video projector, and haze machine, 50 min. cycle in six parts, dimensions variable; Collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund purchase; © Anthony McCall; photo: Blaise Adilon

Department of Media Arts

In early 1988, the Department of Media Arts was established to develop a program of exhibitions and educational events related to video, media-dependent performance art, and film. Robert R. Riley served as the department's first curator. In 2000, Benjamin Weil succeeded Riley and in 2006 Rudolf Frieling succeeded Weil to serve as the museum's curator of media arts. Since its inception, the department has grown to reflect the diversity of current art production technologies, ranging from video and digital film experiments to web-based projects.