Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Adapted from a map designed for the Six Lines of Flight catalogue by MacFadden & Thorpe.

Six Lines of Flight showcases select artists, institutions, and collectives from six cities around the globe. From Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the project features artists Adrian Ghenie, Victor Man, and Ciprian Muresan, and the art spaces gallery Plan B and Fabrica de Pensule (The Paintbrush Factory).

An interview with Plan B gallery director Mihai Pop

"...the big artist names our politicians like to claim as representative of Romanian culture (such as Constantin Brancusi, George Enescu, Tristan Tzara, etc.) actually left the country, often for political reasons."

—Raluca Voinea

Adrian Ghenie

ADRIAN GHENIE: Can you make a great painting of a terrible dictator?

Frieze blog's City Report: Cluj

Frieze blog's City Report:

Leap into the Void 3 Seconds later

image: Leap into the void, After 3 Seconds (2004, detail)

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Artistic training in "the San Francisco of Transylvania"

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“If you feel that you are totally disconnected . . . that you have no chance . . . organize something.” — Adrian Ghenie

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Romania

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: No Reservations Romania

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