Letter to the Editor

Activity Steps:

Think about how particular points of view are expressed through writing. Write a letter to the editor expressing your point of view.

1. Write:
Now that you have completed the activities ''Rivera vs. Rockefeller'' and ''Siqueiros in Jail," write a letter to the editor or an op-ed column for the local newspaper that either defends or condemns the artists' actions. Choose one of the following approaches:

  1. State your opinion of Rivera's mural, referring to what you now know about the artist and his support of the Communist agenda, his role as a muralist in Mexico and in America, and your knowledge of Vladimir Lenin and the Communist movement.
  2. Defend or condemn Siqueiros's political actions, the artist's practice while he was in prison, and the actions of the Mexican government.
2. Edit:
Share your essay with a partner, edit each others' work, and rewrite.
3. Publish:
Create a class newspaper that includes all of the opinion essays. Distribute to your friends and other teachers and collect their reactions.