A Play in One Act

Activity Steps:

1. Research:
Study the artists in ArtThink. Be sure to listen to every video and audio clip, read every text, and zoom-in on each artwork.
  1. What are the artists' different perspectives, styles, and methods of storytelling?
  2. Who are these artists commemorating?
2. Read:
Read Lorraine Hansberry's play, A Raisin in the Sun and Langston Hughes' poem, 'A Dream Deferred'.
3. Reflect:
How would you characterize the themes of these literary works? How do you think the poem influenced and inspired Hansberry's play?
  1. Who are the main characters and what are their hopes, dreams, and conflicts?
  2. Where does the story take place? How is this significant?
  3. How does the setting affect the tone of the piece?
4. Write:
Write a one-act play. Be descriptive in creating your setting and your characters. Develop a plot line, and pay attention to dialogue and to the play's ending. Your one-act play should be between three and ten pages long.
5. Publish and Share:
Get two or three classmates to help you read your play to the class. Take turns listening to each others' plays.
6. Critique:
Self-assess using the eight Studio Habits of Mind.