Identifying Personal Symbols

Activity Steps:

Artists use symbols to express their ideas about the world. In this activity you will identify some of your own personal symbols.

1. Brainstorm:
With a partner or classmates, brainstorm: What is a symbol? What are some symbols that have personal meaning? Symbols with public meaning?
2. Find meaningful objects:
At home, select three objects that symbolize different aspects of your personality (where you come from, cultural background, beliefs, personal qualities, etc.) and bring them to class. Make sure they are small enough to transport and appropriate for school.
3. Discuss:
Present your objects to the class. Talk about how they represent who you are.
4. Draw:
Arrange the objects in an informal still-life composition. Make a drawing of the arrangement.
5. Exchange:
Trade drawings with a classmate and examine your partner's drawing carefully. Are you surprised by any of the symbols in the sketch? What did you learn about your classmate that you didn't know before?
6. Reflect:
In your journal, reflect on how the objects you chose symbolize something about you. How can symbols be used to express revolutionary ideas?