Personal as Political

Activity Steps:

In this activity you will express personal political statements through art.

1. Look:
Review artworks by Judy Chicago and others who make political statements through their art.
2. Brainstorm:
Think about your own personal beliefs. What social issues do you care about? Make a list: race, gender, freedom of speech, justice, etc.
3. Consider:
Draw some symbols that express your own personal and political concerns. If you did the activity "Identifying Personal Symbols," think about your personal objects and consider incorporating them into your composition.
4. Create:
Choose a medium that is best suited to your ideas: photography, collage, drawing, digital imaging, or a combination of these. Create a self-portrait that incorporates your chosen symbols. Give your finished work a title.
5. Critique:
Look at your classmates' work. Discuss the aspects that you like best about each project.
6. Reflect:
In your journal, reflect on how your personal worldview affected the way you constructed your artwork. How do other artists use symbols to convey their ideas about the world?