Imagining Alter Egos: Life-Size Paper Dolls

Activity Steps:

After looking at examples of alter egos that modern and contemporary artists have created, invent one for yourself.

1. Look:
As you explore the artist screens at right, pay attention to how each artist has presented his or her alter ego. How does the alter ego differ from the artist? What characteristics do they share?
2. Brainstorm:
Think about who your own alter ego might be. What distinguishes it from your everyday self? What does your alter ego look like, and what does it do?
3. Create:
Invent a different you as a life-size paper doll. Have a classmate trace around your body on large paper. Then use various art materials (paint, crayon, pastels, markers, ribbons, etc.) to fill in the details of the alternate you. What is your new style? What music do you like? Take some risks and be creative!
4. Present:
Post your alter egos on the wall and discuss them as a class. Can your classmates guess which one is you?
5. Reflect:
In your journal, write about your alter ego as if you were describing it to a friend. How is it similar to you? How is it different? Does your alter ego represent traits that you consider private or public? Does it possess characteristics that you hope to achieve some day?