Researching and Labeling Objects

Activity Steps:

Write a museum label exploring the relevant cultural aspects of an everyday object.

1. Find:
After looking at the online galleries, bring to class an everyday object from your home. It could be a baseball mitt, a kitchen utensil, or an old toy. Be creative!
2. Research:
Research your object using the library, the Internet, and other resources. Who designed your object? When was it made? How and where was it made? Who uses or has used your object? What was the original impetus for its invention?
3. Create:
Write a museum object label describing your chosen item, sticking to the most important elements of the information you gathered. Your text should be approximately 150 words long.
4. Present:
Display your label next to your object. Do other students find your label informative? Do they think the label and the object work well together?
5. Reflect:
In your journal, consider other ways you could have written your label. What if you had phrased your explanation as a series of questions only? What if you had written nothing about the object's use and focused solely on what it looks like?
6. Extension:
Using your research, create a timeline for the object showing how its use has evolved over time.
7. Extension:
Trace the origin of the object on a world map.