Revealing Missing Perspectives

Activity Steps:

1. Research:
Study the artists in ArtThink. Be sure to listen to every video and audio clip, read every text, and zoom-in on each artwork. What are the common threads of these artists' projects?
  1. What perspective is each trying to convey?
  2. What do you see clearly in Marshall's work? What seems to be hidden?
  3. What story is Kara Walker trying to tell? How does the use of silhouettes and panoramic format help convey that story?
  4. What are the stories Bearden is telling through his art? What artistic methods does he use to convey those stories?
  5. What do these artists have in common? How do they differ? (materials, forms, style and subject matter)
2. Discuss:
Break into small groups to discuss how your own racial mix, your culture, and your nationality help define how you see the world. Do you think this also affects how others see you?
3. Quick Draw:
Make a sketch with you at the center. Fill your page with words and images that identify you.
4. Preliminary Drawing:
Explore a 'missing perspective' of your own choosing. Think about the setting of your artwork. What is important to say about this place? Whose missing perspective will you reveal? Make sure you include these three elements: a place that sets the stage for the figure, a central figure, and supporting visuals to give us clues about the story you are telling.
5. Paint:
Create a history painting based on your preliminary drawing.
6. Critique:
Back in your small group, go through the critique process: 'See, Think, Wonder'.