Interview a Portrait

Activity Steps:

Think about the characteristics that a photographic portrait may convey about its subject. Then interview a particular portrait subject, and imagine the answers he or she would give.

1. Look:
Browse through the photographs in the "Gallery" sections for Imogen Cunningham or Robert Arneson.
2. Analyze:
Pair up with a classmate and select a portrait whose subject you would like to interview. With your partner, write questions to ask the person in the picture. For example: Where were you born? Where did you study? Where did you work? What kind of life did you lead?
3. Create:
With your partner, interview the person in the portrait. One of you should ask the questions and write down the responses while the other answers as if he or she were the person in the portrait. You may want to tape-record or videotape your exchange.
4. Present:
Share your interview with the class, either by playing your recording or acting it out.
5. Extension:
Write up your interview results in the form of a newspaper article, a radio show, or a television broadcast.