Discovering the Object

Activity Steps:

Choose an everyday object from your life and describe it to your classmates.

1. Select:
Select an object, hide it in a paper bag or a box, and bring it to class. It could be a baseball mitt, a kitchen utensil, or an old toy. Be creative!
2. Brainstorm:
Think about your object, imagining that no one has ever seen anything like it before. Describe its appearance and function as completely as you can. Try to be as descriptive as possible without actually naming the item.
3. Exchange:
Exchange descriptions with another student and read each other's work. Let the words form a picture in your mind. What do you think is being described? Write down your guesses and exchange them, and tell your partner if he or she is correct.
4. Reflect:
Discuss with your partner other ways you could have described your object. Were your words sufficiently descriptive? Did you write anything that confused your partner, or did you forget to include a particularly important descriptive element?
5. Extension:
Write a poem, song, story, or rap about your object. Describe it using metaphors, comparisons, or other kinds of references. Think about how the tone of your writing will affect the overall impression. Afterward, compare this new text to the first description you wrote. How are they similar or different?