Transforming the Everyday

Activity Steps:

Tell the story of an event by documenting it in photographs or by creating a photo-essay.

1. Prepare:
Divide into groups and choose an upcoming event to document in your photo-essay. Think about these questions:
  1. What is the story you want to tell?
  2. What are the key moments to emphasize?
  3. How can you be open to, and prepared for, unexpected incidents?
  4. How will you reveal your point of view about the event?
  5. Do you have a specific audience in mind?
2. Create:
Record the event through photographs or, if that is not possible, through writing, drawings, or video clips. The group may choose to divide up responsibilities for particular media (with one person shooting photographs, for example, while another writes descriptions of the events taking place).
3. Analyze:
As a group, critique your pictures and the other materials you collected. Did you miss anything important? Is there a way to make up for what you missed, either by using existing materials or by collecting new ones?
4. Edit:
Prepare to present your project to the class. Edit the materials you gathered so that you are showing only the strongest elements that best represent your event.
5. Present:
Share your finished project with the class. Everyone in the group must participate.
6. Extension:
Exchange your unedited material with another group and create a new story about the same subject, but with a different approach. Afterward, discuss with the other group how and why you went about changing the storyline.