Observing People Comic Book

Activity Steps:

Create a comic book that tells a story of a person in your life.

1. Select:
Choose a person to study while he or she is at home and engaged in ordinary activities (your brother studying at his desk, your friend playing in a band, etc.).
2. Analyze:
Observe that person for twenty minutes, recording his or her gestures and expressions by making sketches and writing down words or thoughts.
3. Create:
Make a comic book about your subject, incorporating the different actions and words you recorded. Build a fictional narrative, but keep the person's character true to life even though the story is invented. Think about using a funny or surprise ending. Give the book a title.
4. Present:
Show your comic book to your classmates and receive feedback.
5. Extension:
Show your comic book to the person you observed and ask for a response. Does he or she agree that you revealed essential personality characteristics? What, if anything, would your subject change? Describe the response in your journal.