Revolutionary Thinkers / Revolutionary Actions

The Big Idea:

How do artists use symbols, words, and actions to convey political or social beliefs? How is art a catalyst for and a reflection of social change?

Activity overview

In this activity you will compare and contrast the actions of an artist with those of a political figure or a prominent social or cultural leader and either create an illustrated timeline or write an imaginary conversation between the two figures.

Look closely

Click on each artist button at right to view detailed screens about the artist and his or her works. Be sure to click on all images, view all videos, read all documents, and use the zoom tool to look closely at the works of art.

In this activity you will:

  1. learn about revolutionary artists in Making Sense of Modern Art
  2. develop and research a thesis topic
  3. collect data and design
    a presentation
  4. present to your class

You will be graded on:

  1. quality, depth, and form of research, including notes
  2. illustrated timeline or conversation
  3. ability to work with others on research, writing, and presentation
  4. participation in class discussion
  5. written reflection

New terms:

catalyst, revolutionary, social change