A Documentary Passion

Transforming the Everyday

Students work individually or in teams to produce a short photo-essay on a school or local event as it happens.
Artist(s): Dorothea Lange

A Personal Narrative

Representing a Life Story

Students choose symbols that represent who they are and paint them onto fabric panels; the panels can then be combined into a large quilt.
Artist(s): Joan Brown, Jay DeFeo

Mood and Mystery

Communicating Moods

You will create works of art that communicate different moods.
Artist(s): Nathan Oliveira, David Park

Portraiture: Revealing Ourselves and Others

Observing People Comic Book

Students select a subject, watch him or her, and try to identify how best to represent that person.
Artist(s): Imogen Cunningham

Self and Society: Tracing Identity

Exploring Kahlo's Place in the World

Students explore Kahlo's portraits and create a memory box in response to the loves of her life.
Artist(s): Frida Kahlo

Shifting Perspectives

Revealing Missing Perspectives

Students make a history painting that reveals a missing perspective.
Artist(s): Romare Bearden, Kerry James Marshall, Kara Walker

Transforming the Everyday

Creating a Box Assemblage

Students construct box assemblages using objects that are important to them.
Artist(s): Betye Saar

Transforming a Book through Collage

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with Cornell's collage-making process and create their own collaged book.
Artist(s): Joseph Cornell