A Documentary Passion

Defining Documentary

In this activity you will learn how photography can tell a story.
Artist(s): Dorothea Lange

Mood and Mystery

Modifying Moods

Students will describe the mood of a picture, then shift the mood by changing the picture.
Artist(s): Nathan Oliveira

Portraiture: Revealing Ourselves and Others

Interview a Portrait

Students write interview questions to ask the subject of a portrait by Imogen Cunningham or Robert Arneson.
Artist(s): Robert Arneson, Imogen Cunningham

Self and Society: Tracing Identity

Frida Kahlo: The Loves of Her Life

Students examine Kahlo's life and paintings, and write a poem about the role of love in her work.
Artist(s): Frida Kahlo

Shifting Perspectives

A Play in One Act

Artists tell stories visually just as writers tell stories with words. You'll write your own one-act play that reveals a missing perspective.
Artist(s): Romare Bearden, Kerry James Marshall, Kara Walker

Transforming the Everyday

Discovering the Object

Students will select everyday items to bring to class and exercise their powers of description.
Artist(s): Betye Saar, Edward Weston