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Artists as Rule Breakers

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Guardians of the SecretFemme au chapeau (Woman with the Hat)Sans II

Many Great Artists Broke The Rules.

During the past century many artists have spent the better part of their careers breaking rules, challenging traditions, and creating new methods of expression. Their work teaches us a great deal about what was happening in the world at the time it was made. The avant-garde artists featured in these activities received both negative and positive public attention for their challenges to established forms, processes, and ideas. By studying how they broke rules and even created new ones, students will gain insight into how such radical shifts in thinking have affected our culture today.

Creating a Readymade Exhibition

Students create a label for a readymade object of their choosing and make a character sketch of an artistic alter ego.
Artist(s): Marcel Duchamp

Who Says It's Art?

Students determine where they stand on the issue of "Who Says It's Art?" and defend the position in a letter to the editor.
Artist(s): Marcel Duchamp, Jeff Koons