Art Auction 2013

Art Auction 2011 (detail); photo: Drew Altizer
Art Auction 2011 (detail); photo: Drew Altizer

SFMOMA thanks the Art Auction 2013 supporters and donors.

Grand Benefactor Tables

Alka and Ravin Agrawal
Bank of America
Carolyn and Preston Butcher
Jean-Pierre L. Conte
Randi and Bob Fisher
Jonathan Gans and Abigail Turin
Mimi Haas

Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Gina and Stuart Peterson
Helen and Chuck Schwab
Christine Suppes
John and Ali Walecka
Shannon and Dennis Wong

Grand Benefactors

Joni Binder Shwarts and Robert Shwarts
Jim Breyer
Dolly and George Chammas
James and Jean Douglas
Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein
Patricia W. Fitzpatrick
Cynthia and Eliot Fried
Adriane Iann and Christian Stolz
Larry Mathews and Brian Saliman

Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue
Nion McEvoy
Joan Roebuck
Lydia Shorenstein
Norah and Norman Stone
Thomas W. Weisel and Janet Barnes
Carlie Wilmans
Robin Wright and Ian Reeves


Ann Akichika and Ali Tabibian
Jill and Andrew Barnett
Elizabeth and David Birka-White
Britta Campbell
Candace M. Cavanaugh and Mario Rodighiero
Dr. Carolyn Chang and Mr. Patrick King
Scott and Valerie Corvin
Carol and Peter Coxhead
Sara and Bill Cumbelich, CAC Group
Courtney C. Dallaire
Nathalie Delrue-McGuire and Garry McGuire
Douglas Durkin
Robert and Dana Emery
Tad J. Freese
Marjory Graue and Martin Bloes
Linda and Jon Gruber
Marilyn Hayes
Judy Johnston
Karen J. Kubin
Charlot and Gregory Malin

Bill and Leigh Matthes
Leslie and Mac McQuown
Lisa and John Miller
Willis and Peggy Newton
Shirley Parks
Alison Pincus
Lisa and John Pritzker
Jacqueline and David Sacks
Lita Sam-Vargas and Alan Gevins
Lizanne and Ben Suter
Laura Smith Sweeney
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Susan Swig
Micaela Van Zwoll and John Green
Gordon Veneklasen
Barbara and Stephan Vermut
Gwynned Vitello
Kay and Sandy Walker
Grace Won and Richard Holden
Annie Robinson Woods and Montgomery Woods

As of March 5, 2013