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May 21 - September 06, 2011
The Steins Collect The Steins Collect

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Available daily in the Haas Atrium


Available in English, French, and Spanish.

Who were the Steins, what was it like to be a part of their salons, and how far did their influence reach? The paintings on the wall have become classics, but what was it like seeing them when the paint was still fresh? Quotes from the Steins and their creative contemporaries in early 20th-century Paris are interwoven with curatorial commentaries to bring the issues and artworks to life.

You can also get a taste of the tour on the Mobile Tour Highlights page.

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$6 general; $5 SFMOMA members. Deposit of a driver's license or valid state ID is required. Pick up in the Haas Atrium.

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Image: Courtesy Acoustiguide

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