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November 05 - November 12, 2009
Martha Colburn Residency Martha Colburn Residency

Phyllis Wattis Theater

In Martha Colburn's animated films, collages, paintings, and installations, textbook histories and heroic figures undergo lurid transformations. In her recent work Myth Labs (2008), the Mayflower's pilgrims meet a Midwestern America strewn with meth addicts, while devils in the apocalyptic Don't Kill the Weatherman! (2007) fill SUVs at the gas pump, hastening our own global warming-induced flood.

In this weeklong residency, Colburn screens new and past works with multiple projectors and musical accomplices. Highlights include an SFMOMA/Performa co-commissioned new work, Thollem Mcdonas on piano, indie legend Jad Fair on guitar, and a matinee of favorites selected by the artist.


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The result of a painstakingly slow and hand-driven production process, Colburn's animated films nonetheless teem with speed, their paper puppet stars running, tumbling, and falling…

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Buy tickets Martha Colburn Selects . . .

Composition in blue
Oscar Fischinger, 1935
3 min., 16mm, color

Stan Vanderbeek. 1964
15 min., 16mm, b/w

Leda und der Schwan (Materialaktion: Otto Muehl)
(Leda and the Swan: An Otto Muehl Happening)
Kurt Kren, 1964
3 min., 16mm, color

Bruce Connor, 1966
5 min., 16mm, b/w

Straight and Narrow
Tony Conrad, 1970
10 min., 16mm, b/w

Robot Movie
Jim Sharpe, 1986
3 min., 16mm, color

Evolution of the Red Star
Adam K. Beckett, 1973
7 min., 16mm

Soul City
Henry Jones, 1979
2min., 16mm, color

Joe Dimaggio
Anne Mcguire, 1991
4 min., video

Jem Cohen, With Patti Smith, 2009
7 min., video

And more TBA

Colburn presents an afternoon of special screenings focusing on works by friends and collaborators.

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Long involved in experimental music scenes as both a musician and a filmmaker, Colburn has honed a live practice of multiprojector, manipulated film and music shows. As she…

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Image: Martha Colburn, Join the Freedom Force, (2009); courtesy the artist; © Martha Colburn