Film Series

February 01 - March 10, 2011
Exposed on Film

Phyllis Wattis Theater

Presented in conjunction with Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870, this film series offers a cinematic foray into some of the exhibition's salient themes. Catch screenings at SFMOMA as well as The Castro Theatre, one of the city's best places to see and be seen.


Voyeurism and Early Cinema
Voyeurism and Early Cinema

With the emergence of the moving picture in the late nineteenth century, the theater quickly became a new space for voyeurism and cinema became a vehicle for exhibitionism —…

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The Continuing Story of Carel and Ferd
Buy tickets The Continuing Story of Carel and Ferd

Arthur Ginsberg with Video Free America, 1970-75, 58 min., video

A tribute to exhibitionism and experimental living, this fascinating televised reunion chronicles several years in the lives of Carel, a porn actress, and Ferd, a drug addict.…

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Surveillance Then and Now
Buy tickets Surveillance Then and Now

How Little We Know of Our Neighbors, Rebecca Baron, 2005, 49 min., video
Il finish delle figure (Photofinish Figures), Paolo Gioli, 2009, 9 min., 16mm
Posers, Scott Stark, 2000, 12 min., video

Mass Observation was an astonishing long-term social research project founded in Great Britain in 1937 by a small collective of creative anthropologists, writers, photographers,…

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William E. Jones
Buy tickets William E. Jones

Over the last two decades, Jones has appropriated films, videos, and photographs in an ongoing examination and subtle subversion of the relationships among images, social control,…

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The Nude Restaurant
Buy tickets The Nude Restaurant

Andy Warhol, 1967, 100 min., 16mm

Warhol's typically apt title says it all: The Nude Restaurant is 100 minutes of footage of naked (unless a G-string counts as clothing) male restaurant patrons and one female…

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The Ethical Camera
Buy tickets The Ethical Camera

Medium Cool, Haskell Wexler, 1969, 111 min., 35mm
Blow Up, Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966, 111 min., 35mm

Medium Cool
Notable for its cinema verité style, this 1969 film by Haskell Wexler mixes fictional and nonfictional content to poignantly illustrate the great social tension…

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Kids on the Boundaries
Buy tickets Kids on the Boundaries

Deep End, Jerzy Skomilowski, 1970, 90 min., 35mm
Streetwise, Martin Bell, 1984, 91 min., HD video, director's restored version
Pretty Baby, Louis Malle, 1978, 110 min., 35mm

Deep End
Set in the suburbs of London in the 1960s, Skomilowski's film follows Mike, a fifteen year old dropout who finds a job at a public bath house. Over the course of his…

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Double Exposure
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Anita — Tanze des lasters (Anita — Dances of Vice), Rosa von Praunheim, 1987, 89 min., Beta SP
Lost Highway, David Lynch, 1997, 135 min., 35mm

Anita – Tänze des lasters (Anita – Dances of Vice)
von Praunheim's film celebrates the legend of Anita Berber, the notorious German dancer whose nude…

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Double Blind
Buy tickets Double Blind

Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard, 1992, 76 min., video

In this unconventional road trip movie, French conceptual artist Calle heads west with her lover/collaborator Shephard in his Cadillac convertible. Camcorders in hand, they each…

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