Film Series

July 14 - August 25, 2011
Opera on Film Opera on Film

Phyllis Wattis Theater

This cinematic array explores the range of the opera/film encounter. Though they were originally disparate art forms, opera's emotional rigor lends itself to cinematic storytelling, while film's visual possibilities enrich the spectacle of opera. In conjunction with the performance of Four Saints in Three Acts, we present films that take opera as an influence on either their form or subject matter.


The Roe's Room (Pokoj saren)
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Lech Majewski, 1997, 90 min., video
In Polish with electronic libretto in English (subtitles).

A young poet living with his family in a cramped, urban apartment meditates on the cycle of life as the interior space around him morphs through the cycle of seasons in this opera…

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Jean-Jacques Beineix, 1981, 117 min., 35mm
In French with English subtitles.

In this film, a young postman with a passion for opera makes a bootleg of a performance by his favorite diva, a celebrated African American soprano who refuses to make recordings.…

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Carmen Jones
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Otto Preminger, 1954, 105 min., 35mm

Preminger's Carmen Jones sticks closely to the original score of Georges Bizet's opera Carmen, though the cast, lyrics, and story are modernized in surprising ways: the events are…

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Ken Russell, 1975, 100 min., 35mm

Its conceit is familiar by now: a deaf, dumb, and blind kid plays a mean pinball. Yet Russell's phantasmagoric realization of The Who's rock opera album is wholly unexpected.…

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Image: Otto Preminger, Carmen Jones (still), 1954; photo: courtesy Columbia Pictures/Photofest.