Film Series

December 15 - December 29, 2011
Inspired by Dieter Rams Inspired by Dieter Rams

Phyllis Wattis Theater

Rams's sleek product design has served as inspiration for myriad cinematic portrayals of the future. With this series, organized in conjunction with the exhibition Less and More, we turn an eye toward design. Hear from Rams and his peers in a documentary about the field, then take another look at some modern classics whose sets and props are indebted to Rams's design principles.


Blade Runner (Director's Cut)
Buy tickets Blade Runner (Director's Cut)

Ridley Scott, 1982, 117 min., 35 mm

A landmark of the science fiction and the neo-noir genres, Blade Runner is also awash with design objects by Rams. Lochman points out the objects used to create the film's…

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Buy tickets Objectified

Gary Hustwit, 2009, 75 min., video

This feature-length documentary from the filmmaker of Helvetica looks at the objects that fill our lives. Toothbrushes and computers alike get their moments in the sun as designers…

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2001: A Space Odyssey
Buy tickets 2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick, 1968, 141 min., 35mm

Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece portrays a vision of humanity's trajectory — beginning with our primate progenitors' first use of tools and ending with human inquiry into the…

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Image: Gary Hustwit, Objectified (still), 2009; courtesy Gary Hustwit/Plexifilm