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July 05 - August 30, 2012
Cindy Sherman Selects Cindy Sherman Selects

Phyllis Wattis Theater

Sherman's work is heavily inspired by her early exposure to mass-media culture and her immersion, from a young age, in film. In college in the 1970s, she studied under the avant-garde filmmaker Paul Sharits and experimented with film alongside her work in photography. In conjunction with her retrospective, the artist has selected a few of the films that have shaped her vision. Reflecting a wide spectrum of genres and eras, the works shown here highlight the extraordinary range of her interests and influences.


Cleo from 5 to 7
Buy tickets Cleo from 5 to 7

Agnès Varda, 1962, 90 min., 35mm
In French with English subtitles.

At 5:00 p.m. beautiful French pop star Cléo learns that she will know the results of a stomach cancer test at 7:00 p.m. In the intervening hours she wanders the streets of…

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The Beaver Trilogy
Buy tickets The Beaver Trilogy

Trent Harris, 2000, 83 min., Beta SP

The Beaver Trilogy comprises three segments shot at different times: in 1979, 1981, and 1985. The first, The Beaver Kid, is a mini-documentary featuring "Groovin' Gary," a…

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John Frankenheimer, 1966, 107 min., 35mm

Frankenheimer's riveting film unfolds as a disillusioned middle-aged businessman is given the opportunity to be reborn as someone else through a mysterious organization known only…

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The Host
Buy tickets The Host

Bong Joon-Ho, 2006, 119 min., 35mm
In Korean with English subtitles.

One of the best creature features of the last decade, The Host displays Bong's signature blend of horror and dark humor. A mutant creature created by human pollution surfaces from…

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Buy tickets Suture

Scott McGehee and David Siegel, 1993, 96 min., 35mm

In this witty and cerebral murder mystery, Vincent Tower plots to kill his long-lost but nearly identical half-brother Clay and pass the death off as his own. Clay survives…

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La Jetée and Meshes of the Afternoon
La Jetée and Meshes of the Afternoon

La Jetée, Chris Marker, 1962, 28 min., 35mm
Meshes of the Afternoon, Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid, 1943/1959, 14 min., 16mm

As part of our film series selected by Sherman, SFMOMA screens two influential experimental films. Composed almost entirely of still photographs and considered one of the most…

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Buy tickets Wanda

Barbara Loden, 1970, 102 min., 35mm

Set in the coal mining region of Pennsylvania, this film follows Wanda, an alcoholic who abandons her husband and children for a life of drinking and sleeping with strange men. Her…

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Buy tickets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Tobe Hooper, 1974, 83 min., 35mm

The horror film classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows a group of young travelers whose car runs out of gas — to their misfortune — while on their way to visit a…

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Buy tickets Shadows

John Cassavetes, 1959, 81 min., 35mm

Part documentary, part fiction, Shadows explores race relations during the Beat Generation years in New York City. A model of independent film, it was shot with a 16mm handheld…

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Buy tickets Kick-Ass

Matthew Vaughn, 2010, 117 min., 35mm

Based on a comic book, Kick-Ass follows the adventures of an average teenager, who, without any real powers or training, dons an Internet-bought green-and-yellow wetsuit and sets…

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Image: Agnès Varda, Cleo from 5 to 7 (still), 1962; courtesy and © Janus Films