Tatsuo Miyajima

New Work

Tatsuo Miyajima

Tatsuo Miyajima
Counter Line Number 2
Collection Gallery Buchman
(photo: Mitsuhiko Suzuki)

October 10, 1997 - February 03, 1998

The multiple counters click glowing red figures from one to nine at varying rates, go dark briefly, and then start counting again in a media art installation by Tatsuo Miyajima. The SFMOMA-commissioned installation, entitled Counter Line (1996-97) and site-specific to the Museum, grapples with the complexity and instability of time, a concept thought to be a stable, straight line throughout much of Western philosophical and scientific history. In Counter Line, as in his other works, Miyajima disrupts the notion of time as a linear, universal truth and replaces it with a recognition of the arbitrary, fluid nature of time.

Tatsuo Miyajima is one of three exhibitions in the 1997-98 New Work series supported by the Collectors Forum of the SFMOMA.