Yael Kanarek, World of Awe, Chapter 2, 2001


Artist Bio

Yael Kanarek is a new media artist. She has been developing her interdisciplinary project, World of Awe, since 1995. At the core of World of Awe is The Journal — an original narrative that uses the ancient genre of the traveler's tale to explore virtuality through the connections between storytelling, travel, memory, and technology.

Yael Kanarek, World of Awe, Chapter 2 (detail), 2001

Selected for the Whitney's 2002 Biennial Exhibition, Kanarek is the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts 2001 Fellowship, a Jerome Foundation Media Arts Grant, and The Alternative Museum Digital Commission 2000. She recently completed a residency at Harvestworks, collaborating on Music for World of Awe. Currently, Kanarek is working on a commission for Turbulence.org and is an R & D resident at Eyebeam.

World of Awe has received notice in The New York Times, Paper Magazine, The Industry Standard, Wired, The Journal News, Tema Celeste, and ArtByte. World of Awe has participated in festivals in Brazil, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Israel, Korea, and the United States.

Kanarek is also the initiator of The Upgrade, a monthly forum for artists who work in new media to gather and look at each other's work and present to a larger audience. At each meeting, one or two artists present works-in-progress to foster a dialogue with the group.

Artist Statement

In a different set of grays, World of Awe > The Journal [Chapter 2] introduces the reader to previously unpublished entries from The Traveler's Journal. The chapter is loosely based on the theme of destruction and mending, establishing relationships between skins: human, interface, and land. Chapter 2 opens the menu Xcavations with two digs, which hint to the nature of the treasure and the hunt. Four expedition tools are included: laptop, coin probe, dirt digger, and Uzi barrel. In Locations, the main area described is the Minefield. Under File, two love letters are carried over from Chapter 1, and two new letters are introduced.

Chapter 2 offers alternate methods of reading. The Précis collects all the labels that appear in the logs. These labels can be moved around and provide an instant reading of the chapter through keywords, physical description, and surface expression. The second method of reading is by lists. Extending the experience of Silicon Canyon in Chapter 1, two lists are included, one of hardware and the other of software found in the canyon. The third lists the content the traveler has in his/her backpack.

Chapter 2 begins the dissemination of The Journal over the network. Thus, the relationship to travel and the imagined geography of the Internet as well as the Sunset/Sunrise is further enhanced. A new function is available to the visitors: by signing one's name, World of Awe tracks the visitor's movements through the two chapters. Once the visitor generates a map, a drawing of his/her travels through the journal is printed on a randomly selected image from the series Nowheres — the visualization of the Sunset/Sunrise.

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World of Awe, Chapter 2
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