Chris Johanson


Work by Chris Johanson
Work by Chris Johanson

How About This Way of Creating a Project?
(Did you notice I didn't tell you it had to be this way?)


collage, drawing, sculpture, mixed media


Paper, watercolor paints, watercolor brush, pens

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Because Everyone Lives Life Their Own Way

I learned about this in a math class for artists, but then I incorporated it into my art in my own way.

  1. Pick a color.
  2. Paint a shape.
  3. Write a thought inside of the shape. Continue to create shapes, with each one intersecting another, and continue to write thoughts inside of those shapes. Do this for a while, because lots of things in your life intersect.
  4. When you are finished, you have created conceptual art. More specifically, that's a picture of your thoughts and your life.

Helpful Vocabulary

Venn Diagram: A diagram that pictorially represents mathematical or logical sets as circles or closed curves within an enclosing rectangle (the universal set); common elements are represented by the areas where the circles overlap.

Conceptual Art: Art in which the idea is more important than the form or style.

Artist Biography

Chris Johanson
Chris Johanson; Self-portrait

Chris Johanson

Born in 1968 in San Jose, California
Currently lives in Los Angeles, California

Hi Everyone. I am a professional artist living in Los Angeles at the moment. I have been involved with art making my whole life. I am interested in all art mediums. I play music, paint, make sculptures, curate shows, etc. If you want one, you too can have a fulfilling creative life. Work hard and believe in yourself.

Wishing you the best,