Interactive Feature

Robert Rauschenberg Case Study

Explore the range and diversity of Robert Rauschenberg's work through a selection of important pieces by the artist that SFMOMA acquired in 1999.

Throughout his long career, Rauschenberg challenged the limits of artistic practice. In the 1950s he was one of the few emerging artists in the New York avant-garde who, as he put it, respected the Abstract Expressionists enough not to copy them. His inclination to experiment with painting, photography, printmaking, collage, found-object sculpture, and performance art was already apparent.

This segment devoted to Rauschenberg's work is part of Making Sense of Modern Art, an extensive and engaging guide to modern and contemporary works in SFMOMA's permanent collection. The program's rich-media format enables you to "zoom in" on full-screen details of individual artworks, explore excerpts from archival videos and films, and listen to commentary by artists, art historians, critics, and collectors.