SFMOMA Artcast August 2011

In this episode we examine early twentieth-century salon culture. Our story begins with the gatherings of artists and patrons hosted by the Stein family — author Gertrude Stein, her brothers Leo and Michael Stein, and Michael's wife Sarah Stein. First, art historian Emily Braun and SFMOMA curator Janet Bishop discuss the Stein Salons — how they formed and why people flocked to their homes. Next we hear from Wanda Corn, co-curator of "Seeing Gertrude Stein" at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, in a panel discussion on artist circles and sexuality. Wrapping up the segment we hear from artist and curator Margaret Tedesco on an SFMOMA event called The Living Room, a series of conversations that revolved around significant moments in the Bay Area's avant-garde history, which she co-organized. We also hear from two participants in the event: Nate Boyce and George Chen, who discuss the Bay Area's experimental music scene.

Each SFMOMA Artcast brings you illuminating audio and video interviews with artists, curators, and visitors as they respond to the works on view and in the museum's collection.