SFMOMA Artcasts


Title Release Date Artist(s)
SFMOMA Artcasts March 2014: Mind Benders

In this episode of SFMOMA Artcasts we take a turn toward the conceptual. We begin with an excerpt from a Norton Lecture presented at Harvard University in 1988 by experimental…

March 2014
SFMOMA Artcasts February 2014: From the archives: John Baldessari and Sophie Calle

This episode marks the beginning of a series that will dig deep into our media archives. While our building is closed for expansion, the staff at SFMOMA is focusing on reshaping…

February 2014
SFMOMA Artcasts December 2013: Stories in the galleries, part 1

For our December Artcast we bring you a story by W. L. Dherin about Fred Tomaselli's painting Field Guides. This recording was made live in the galleries last May, before SFMOMA…

December 2013
SFMOMA Artcasts December 2013: Stories in the galleries, part 2

For our December Artcast we bring you a story by Mia Paschal about Jim Dine's painting Blue Clamp. This recording was made live in the galleries last May, before SFMOMA closed…

December 2013
SFMOMA Artcast November 2013: Art in unexpected places

In this episode of SFMOMA Artcasts we visit two of the four site-specific artworks SFMOMA commissioned as part of the 2012 SECA Art Award exhibition. We begin at San…

November 2013
  • Josh Faught,
  • Zarouhie Abdalian
SFMOMA Artcast October 2013: Diving Deep into Beyond Belief

Our October episode takes a virtual tour of Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art, an exhibition co-organized by SFMOMA and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Three…

October 2013
SFMOMA Artcast August 2013: Conserving Rauschenberg

Our August episode focuses on artist Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) and his Combine painting Collection (1954/1955). We'll hear archival audio of Rauschenberg himself…

August 2013
SFMOMA Artcast June 2013: Goodbye Botta

Our June episode goes back in time to SFMOMA's Countdown Celebration, the final days before the museum closed to begin our expansion project. While the museum was bustling with…

June 2013
SFMOMA Artcast May 2013: The Clock

Our May Artcast examines Christian Marclay's The Clock, a twenty-four-hour masterpiece of appropriation. In this episode we hear from curator of media arts Rudolf Frieling,…

May 2013
SFMOMA Artcast April 2013: Lebbeus Woods

Our April Artcast features three distinct voices speaking about the work of architect Lebbeus Woods: Los Angeles-based architect Thom Mayne; science fiction scholar and Bay Area…

April 2013
SFMOMA Artcast February 2013: Art from South Africa

Our February Artcast centers on the art of South Africa. David Goldblatt, a photographer featured in the exhibition South Africa in Apartheid and After, reflects on the challenges…

February 2013
SFMOMA Artcast December 2012: Johns and DeFeo

Our December Artcast focuses intensely on the careers of Jasper Johns and Jay DeFeo. In 1959 both artists were included in the exhibition Sixteen Americans at the Museum of Modern…

December 2012
SFMOMA Artcast September 2012: Identity and Performance

Our September Artcast focuses on two exhibitions: Cindy Sherman and Stage Presence: Theatricality in Art and Media. First, artist Cindy Sherman talks with her friend, the filmmaker…

September 2012
SFMOMA Artcast June 2012: Game-changers

In this episode we'll examine three game-changers – an exhibition, an artist, and a visionary thinker — that have fed the culture of experimentation in the Bay Area.…

June 2012
"Mark Bradford" Gallery Exploration

Join the artist on a tour of selected works the artist leads visitors on a tour of selected works in the exhibition Mark Bradford. His enlightening commentary about his process and…

April 2012
"Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective" Gallery Exploration

This gallery-by-gallery tour of the exhibition Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective features insights from the artist as well as commentary by SFMOMA curator Lisa Sutcliffe. The…

April 2012
SFMOMA Artcast March 2012

In this episode we hear three artists discuss the role of observation in their work. First, Dora García and two of her volunteer collaborators discuss the experience of…

March 2012
SFMOMA Artcast January 2012

In this episode we'll explore the ways artists relate to reality, either by documenting and responding to shared experience or by creating alternate worlds. First, we'll consider a…

January 2012
SFMOMA Artcast August 2011

In this episode we examine early twentieth-century salon culture. Our story begins with the gatherings of artists and patrons hosted by the Stein family — author Gertrude…

August 2011
Tobias Wong Gallery Exploration

During his short career, Tobias Wong provoked designers and consumers by subverting the conventional function of everyday objects. His untimely death in 2010 at the age of 35 left…

June 2011
SFMOMA Artcast April 2011

When did the museum become a marketplace? In this episode of SFMOMA Artcasts we hear from the artists and workers involved with Stephanie Syjuco's installation ShadowShop — an…

April 2011
Eadweard Muybridge Gallery Exploration

Join us on a stroll through the life and career of film and photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge. Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change will be on view on museum's third…

April 2011
SFMOMA Artcast January 2011

In this episode we hear from the artists and curators involved with the exhibitions The More Things Change and Bill Fontana: Sonic Shadows. First up, artist Tacita Dean describes her…

January 2011
SFMOMA Artcast November 2010

This episode features takes on photography's past, present, and future. First up, we bring you an excerpt from "Is Photography Over?" a symposium hosted by SFMOMA in…

November 2010
SFMOMA Artcast August 2010

Co-founder of Gap Inc. Donald G. Fisher and his son Bob reflect on the Doris and Donald Fisher Collection, on view at SFMOMA this summer. First, we look at two of Don's favorite…

August 2010
SFMOMA Artcast June 2010

Curators Corey Keller and Sarah Roberts recount the exhibitions and outreach efforts SFMOMA organized during World War II. Artist Allison Smith adds to this story by discussing Arts

June 2010
Kara Walker Gallery Exploration

Hear curator Gary Garrels in conversation with artist Kara Walker about her 1999 work No mere words can Adequately reflect the Remorse this Negress feels at having been Cast into

May 2010
SFMOMA Artcast March 2010

Catch up with the curators of The Anniversary Show, Janet Bishop, Corey Keller, and Sarah Roberts, as they share a few stories about SFMOMA's founding director, Grace McCann Morley.…

March 2010
SFMOMA Artcast June 2009

To get ready for the museum's 75th anniversary in 2010, we'll be presenting a new series of Artcasts that spotlight the collection.  This episode uses the museum's rooftop…

June 2009
SFMOMA Artcast March 2009

This episode features three artists whose work explores the impact of politics and history on individual lives. Art in the Atrium artist Kerry James Marshall shares the art…

March 2009