Robert Rauschenberg discusses Trophy IV (for John Cage) at SFMOMA, May 6, 1999

In 1999, Menil Collection curator Walter Hopps and SFMOMA Director David A. Ross interviewed Rauschenberg in the SFMOMA galleries during an exhibition featuring fourteen major works by the artist that the museum had recently acquired. Hopps had organized the 1976 and 1998 retrospectives of Rauschenberg's work. In this excerpt from the video footage the artist demonstrates the sound aspect of Trophy IV (for John Cage) (1961) by swinging the boot into the metal form attached to the sculpture's base. Rauschenberg also discusses the concept behind his Trophy series, which celebrates individual friends or collaborators who significantly impacted his work. Gary Garrels, then SFMOMA's chief curator, and Peter Samis, then associate curator of education, also participate in the interview. A transcript of the full interview is available on the Related Information page. A transcript of this excerpt is available below.

  • Total running time: 12 min. 23 sec.

  • Featured Artist: Robert Rauschenberg
  • SFMOMA Release Date: July 2013