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Learning to Love You More: Instant acceptance

Artists Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July explore the accepting nature of their collaborative online project, "Learning to Love You More."

March 2012
Richard Serra artist talk

Richard Serra in conversation with exhibition co-curator Gary Garrels, Elise S. Haas Senior Curator of Painting and Sculpture, SFMOMA, on October 13, 2011.

January 2012
Richard Serra on his Splash Pieces

Richard Serra recalls the different installations of his splash pieces and gives the story on how SFMOMA's version came into the collection.

January 2012
Richard Serra on challenging artistic tradition

Richard Serra discusses how the tradition of an artistic medium can be limiting and explains that artists must invent their own tools for art making.

January 2012
Richard Serra answers: Why make art?

Richard Serra explores how an artist's perception of the world can be impacted by their creation process, and vice-versa.

January 2012
Richard Serra on drawing as visual note taking

Richard Serra uses Le Corbusier's building in France, Ronchamp, as an example of how architectural volumes influence his work.

January 2012
SECA Oral History Interviews

In conjunction with the museum's seventy-fifth anniversary in 2010, SFMOMA curators Janet Bishop and Apsara DiQuinzio conducted a series of oral history interviews with past SECA…

December 2011
Rigo 23 on his Found "Lost Bird" Posters

Rigo 23 discusses the lost bird posters he found throughout San Francisco and considers the ways they reflect the lives of the people who posted them. From 1984-1999, Rigo (born…

December 2011
David Best on the impact of his Burning Man temples

Artist David Best discusses the temporary sculptural temples he has constructed for the annual Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. At the end of the…

December 2011
William Allan on Book Life

Artist William Allan discusses his box projects, focusing on Book Life, a work devoted to revitalizing a forgotten text.

December 2011
Hung Liu on Loom

Artist Hung Liu considers the use of archival photographs and traditional Chinese imagery in her painting Loom.

December 2011
Gay Outlaw on her working methods

Artist Gay Outlaw reflects on the relationship between her current working methods and the domestic skills she learned growing up.

December 2011
Jordan Kantor on his series Eclipse

Jordan Kantor describes the process of creating his print series Eclipse, and discusses his interest in questioning the act of looking.

December 2011
Barry McGee on creating art indoors

Artist Barry McGee considers the differences between creating graffiti outdoors and making art for display in a museum or gallery.

December 2011
Squeak Carnwath on making and viewing her work

Squeak Carnwath details the process of making her paintings and considers the ways viewers might approach her work.

December 2011
Will Rogan on the meaning of things

Will Rogan discusses his series Public Sculpture and Picture the Earth spinning in space, and explores the accidental meaning he finds in the urban environment.

December 2011
Wayne E. Campbell on how he came to work with Wayne R. Campbell

Artist Wayne E. Campbell describes his collaboration with Wayne R. Campbell for his SECA Award exhibition, in which instruction-based art took an inventive and somewhat subversive…

December 2011
Kamau Amu Patton on his Static Field series

2010 SECA Art Award winner Kamau Amu Patton describes the process used to create his Static Field series and discusses the relationship between machines and technology in his…

November 2011
Jim Campbell on the genesis of Exploded Views

Artist Jim Campbell describes the process of developing and creating Exploded Views, a commissioned work that was installed in SFMOMA's atrium in November 2011.

November 2011
Reimagining the Museum: The First Sketches

Learn more about SFMOMA's expansion from museum leaders, community members, and the architects. The expansion, designed by the architecture firm Snøhetta, will provide an…

November 2011
Behind the scenes of Richard Serra Drawing

Watch as artist Richard Serra and Gary Garrels, SFMOMA's Elise S. Haas Senior Curator of Painting and Sculpture, go behind-the-scenes of Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective, on…

October 2011
Tiago Carneiro da Cunha on satire

Via Skype video chat, sculptor Tiago Carneiro da Cunha discusses the ways popular culture and the history of satire influence his ceramic sculptures, and introduces viewers to a…

September 2011
Klara Kristalova on growing up

Via Skype video chat, sculptor Klara Kristalova explains the ways the magic and terror of childhood and the struggles of becoming an adult have shaped the subjects of her work.

September 2011
Daniel Schwartz on Travelling Through the Eye of History

Daniel Schwartz considers his reliance on history in his practice.

August 2011
Daniel Schwartz on life lessons

Daniel Schwartz discusses the way he engages the world.

August 2011
Jim Goldberg on his documentary practice

Jim Goldberg discusses the larger stories told through his photography practice.

August 2011
Richard Misrach on Destroy This Memory

Richard Misrach describes photographing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and discusses his book about hurricane-inspired graffiti, Destroy This Memory.

August 2011
Jim Goldberg on sensitivity and Polaroids

Photographer Jim Goldberg discusses working in war ravaged countries and explains why he uses Polaroids.

August 2011
Who were the Steins?

Rebecca Rabinow, associate curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and co-curator of The Steins Collect, provides an overview of how this family – Leo, Gertrude, Michael,…

May 2011
The Stein Salons

Paris was the pilgrimage point in the early twentieth century for people interested in seeing emerging modern art. The first stops on the tour were the Stein family's two…

May 2011