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75 Reasons to Live: Bill Fontana on Dan Graham's Double Cylinder (The Kiss)

Bill Fontana is a composer and sound artist. He talks here about his appreciation for the sound qualities of Dan Graham's 1994 sculpture Double Cylinder (The Kiss) and how the…

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Gary Garrels on Robert Ryman's Untitled, 1958

Gary Garrels is Elise S. Haas Senior Curator of Painting and Sculpture at SFMOMA. Here he talks about a work by one of his favorite painters, Robert Ryman: Untitled, 1958. Garrels…

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Robert Bechtle on Richard Diebenkorn's Coffee

Artist Robert Bechtle reminisces about how the structure and subject matter of Richard Diebenkorn's paintings influenced his own very different work. On Diebenkorn's Coffee

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Whitney Chadwick on Ed Ruscha's Every Building on the Sunset Strip

Art historian Whitney Chadwick talks about Ed Ruscha's book Every Building on the Sunset Strip (1966). She recalls how, during her student years at the San Francisco Art…

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Sarah Roberts on Terry Fox's Pendulum Spit Bite

Sarah Roberts is SFMOMA associate curator of collections and research, and she's talking here about Terry Fox's print Pendulum Spit Bite (1977). She describes the mysterious…

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Chad Coerver on Anthony Hernandez's Oakland #1

Chad Coerver, director of publications, graphic design, and web at SFMOMA, talks about Anthony Hernandez's Oakland #1 from 2001. For him, the picture suggests something both…

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Rebecca Solnit on Jay DeFeo's The Verónica

Rebecca Solnit is a San Francisco-based writer. She speaks here about what it meant, especially in the 1950s, to be a West Coast artist, touching on Wallace Berman, George Herms,…

January 2010
75 Reasons to Live: Lisa Sutcliffe on Penelope Umbrico's 5,377,183 Suns from Flickr (Partial) 4/28/09

Lisa Sutcliffe, assistant curator of photography at SFMOMA, speaks on Penelope Umbrico's 5,377,183 Suns from Flickr (2009). Sutcliffe talks about the antecedents and…

January 2010
David Ireland at 500 Capp Street

Bay Area conceptual artist David Ireland is widely admired for installations and sculptures made with humble materials that he accumulated over time. His best known work of art is…

September 2009
Form, growth, behavior: The making of P_Wall

Andrew Kudless discusses P_Wall, a 45-foot-long wall installation composed of undulating, bulbous forms. Kudless demonstrates the techniques used to create the work at his design…

August 2009
  • Andrew Kudless
Teresita Fernandez on the making of Fire

Teresita Fernandez discusses the ideas and inspiration behind her 2005 alluring sculpture "Fire," made of dyed silk yarn.

July 2009
William Kentridge on his film Tide Table

Artist William Kentridge discusses Tide Table (2003), a short film that is part of 9 Drawings for Projection, a series that reveals a narrative of South Africa under apartheid and in…

March 2009
William Kentridge on his process

Artist William Kentridge speaks about his process of repeatedly erasing and reworking charcoal drawings to create his well-known stop-motion animated films, and discusses the…

March 2009
William Kentridge on his characters

Artist William Kentridge discusses Soho and Felix, two of the main characters from his films,  and explains their relationships to common figures in Johannesburg, his…

March 2009
William Kentridge on AIDS and music in South Africa

Artist William Kentridge considers how seemingly simple creative choices, such as the music selected to accompany his films, can speak volumes about the subject matter. 

March 2009
Kerry James Marshall on his Art in the Atrium commission

Art in the Atrium artist Kerry James Marshall explains the stories and strategies behind his mural commission for SFMOMA's atrium. These works use games and puzzles to reveal…

February 2009
Kerry James Marshall on his use of games and puzzles

Artist Kerry James Marshall discusses the ways the visual vocabulary of children's activity books influenced his murals for SFMOMA's atrium.

February 2009
Kerry James Marshall's relationship to art history

Artist Kerry James Marshall discusses his relationship to the Old Masters and considers his inspiration for developing a "rhetoric of blackness" in his painting series

February 2009
Kerry James Marshall on painting in black and white

Artist Kerry James Marshall discusses his decision to paint his later Souvenir paintings in black and white instead of in color, and shares the art historical inspiration for this…

February 2009
Kerry James Marshall's "Requiem to the 1960s"

Artist Kerry James Marshall explains the background of his series Mementos. The paintings and lithographs were inspired by Marshall's memory of 1960s-era souvenirs commemorating…

February 2009
The deinstallation of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings for SFMOMA

Watch as Sol LeWitt's monumental wall drawings disappear from the museum's Haas atrium in this time-lapse video. The paintings (Wall Drawing #935: Color bands in four directions,…

October 2008
Whitney Chadwick on Lee Miller

Whitney Chadwick discusses the photographer Lee Miller and her involvement with Surrealism. 

July 2008
SFMOMA installs Ann Hamilton's indigo blue

Time-lapse footage of the installation of Ann Hamilton's indigo blue at SFMOMA in spring 2007.

September 2007
Ann Hamilton on the inspiration for indigo blue

Ann Hamilton talks about what inspired her installation indigo blue

September 2007
Ann Hamilton on creating indigo blue

Ann Hamilton discusses the research, planning, and installation of indigo blue.

September 2007
Ann Hamilton discusses the meaning of indigo blue

Ann Hamilton considers the meaning and conceptual foundation of her installation indigo blue.

September 2007
Olafur Eliasson on engaging the viewer

Widely heralded as one of the most important artists of his generation, Olafur Eliasson nimbly merges art, science, and natural phenomena to create extraordinary multisensory…

September 2007
Behind-the-scenes in Olafur Eliasson's Studio

Eliasson's studio manager Sebastian Behmann speaks about the production and planning of the artist's works.

September 2007
Madeleine Grynsztejn on Olafur Eliasson's Model Room

Curator Madeleine Grynsztejn discusses Olafur Eliasson's Model Room (2003).

September 2007
Olafur Eliasson discusses his work

Olafur Eliasson explains the problems and themes that most interest him as an artist.

September 2007