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Robert Rauschenberg activates Trophy IV (for John Cage) during a 1999 interview at SFMOMA

Robert Rauschenberg activates Trophy IV (for John Cage) during a 1999 interview at SFMOMA.

July 2013
Robert Rauschenberg discusses White Painting [three panel] at SFMOMA, May 6, 1999

In 1999, Menil Collection curator Walter Hopps and SFMOMA Director David A. Ross interviewed Rauschenberg in the SFMOMA galleries during an exhibition featuring fourteen major…

July 2013
Time-lapse video of Robert Rauschenberg's White Painting [three panel], SFMOMA, 2010

This time-lapse video shows how SFMOMA visitors interacted with Robert Rauschenberg's White Painting [three panel] (1951) during a one-week period when the work was…

July 2013
Gu Wenda on united nations—babel of the millennium

Artist Gu Wenda reflects on united nations—babel of the millennium, the site-specific installation he created for SFMOMA, and explains how his art unifies races and unites…

June 2013
Gu Wenda describes his artistic process

Chinese artist Gu Wenda explains how he uses human hair and Elmer's Glue to create the translucent panels that compose his installation united nations—babel of the

May 2013
Mark di Suvero on his love of bridges

Artist Mark di Suvero reflects on passing under the Golden Gate Bridge when he first arrived in this country as an immigrant. From that moment on, bridges have held special…

May 2013
Mark di Suvero's path to steel

Sculptor Mark di Suvero describes the evolution of his art practice, from his early wood carvings to his recent works made with salvaged steel and steel I-beams.

Eight of Mark di…

May 2013
Mark di Suvero at work in the steel yard

Artist Mark di Suvero discusses the joy he derives from the process of creating his large-scale sculptures.

Eight of Mark di Suvero's sculptures will be on view at San…

May 2013
SFMOMA On the Go

It's true — our building will temporarily close on June 2, 2013 as we begin construction on our major expansion project. But don't worry; between now and our reopening…

May 2013
"Too Much Is Enough": A Talk on Garry Winogrand

Tod Papageorge began to photograph in 1962, during his last semester as a student in literature at the University of New Hampshire. By 1966 he had moved to New York City and been…

April 2013
Mary Heilmann on Fire and Ice Remix

Artist Mary Heilmann discusses the Revlon ad campaign from the 1950s that inspired her painting, and identifies the mathematical proportions she used to create the multipaneled…

April 2013
  • Mary Heilmann
Gu Wenda's united nations — babel of the millennium

Curator Gary Garrels discusses Chinese artist Gu Wenda's united nations — babel of the millenium. John Holland, senior museum preparator, describes the process of…

April 2013
Lynn Hershman Leeson discusses Agent Ruby (1999-2002)

Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson reflects on the origins of her web-based project Agent Ruby, which is related to the character by the same name in her film Teknolust from 2002. The…

April 2013
Leo Villareal on The Bay Lights

Pioneering light sculptor Leo Villareal discusses his latest project, The Bay Lights, an installation celebrating the completion of the bridge's new eastern span. Comprising…

February 2013
Member Stories: November 2012

SFMOMA members celebrating the opening of Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind's Eye and Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective on November 2, 2012, share what they love about SFMOMA membership.

December 2012
AA Bronson reflects on sexual themes in the work of General Idea

Artist AA Bronson, one of the three members of the Canadian collective General Idea (active 1969-94), discusses the role the group played in developing the language of queer…

December 2012
AA Bronson on General Idea's Cornucopia

Artist AA Bronson, one of the three members of the Canadian collective General Idea (active 1969-94), discusses the installation Cornucopia: Fragments from the Room of the Unknown

December 2012
Tiffany Chung on her map of Cluj, Romania

Artist Tiffany Chung was commissioned to produce maps of the six international cities featured in the exhibition Six Lines of Flight: Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art. Here…

December 2012
  • Tiffany Chung
Building Our Future: SFMOMA Expands

Did you know SFMOMA is expanding? We're building our future, with a new expansion to open in early 2016. Open, engaging, welcoming, and embracing, the expansion represents a…

December 2012
Chuck Close explains why he follows a grid

Throughout his career as an artist, Chuck Close has relied heavily on grids to create his large-scale portraits. In this discussion of his process Close compares himself to a…

December 2012
Chuck Close on his physical challenges

Artist Chuck Close describes the accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. The painter discusses the ways he has adapted his art practice…

December 2012
Chuck Close on the "primordial ooze" that shaped his work and that of his contemporaries

Artist Chuck Close discusses the ways his work intersects with that of Richard Serra, Sol LeWitt, and composer Philip Glass, and considers the shared interests that emerged as they…

December 2012
David Goldblatt on his photographic series In Boksburg

David Goldblatt reflects on the ways photography has helped him process the experience of living under apartheid. His series In Boksburg documents life in a South African suburb in…

November 2012
Kevin Killian and Poets' Theater Present Wet Paint

THEY INVENTED A NEW KIND OF ART...AND A NEW KIND OF SEX TO GO WITH IT! Killian's Wet Paint tells the story of Jay DeFeo and San Francisco's bohemian underground with a cast of…

November 2012
David Goldblatt describes the world of Billy Monk

Billy Monk had no formal training in photography when he began taking pictures of the patrons at the Catacombs, a seedy nightclub in Cape Town, South Africa, where he worked as a…

November 2012
David Goldblatt tells the story of Ernest Cole

Under apartheid, the system of racial segregation that shaped South African society from 1928 until 1994, photographer Ernest Cole was able to change his classification from…

November 2012
David Goldblatt on his photographic series Ex-Offenders

David Goldblatt discusses his series Ex-Offenders, for which he photographed former criminals or ex-offenders on parole, often at the sites where their crimes occurred. Moved by the…

November 2012
Jim Campbell: Transmitted in light

San Francisco-based artist Jim Campbell has been creating video and multimedia art for the past three decades. His installation Exploded Views, which has been on view in…

October 2012
Naoya Hatakeyama on his series Ciel Tombé (Fallen Sky)

Naoya Hatakeyama discusses his photographic series Ciel Tombé, which captures the collapsed ceilings of the limestone tunnels below Paris. His fascination with the…

October 2012
  • Naoya Hatakeyama
Naoya Hatakeyama on the sublime

Photographer Naoya Hatakeyama explains his approach to landscape photography in relation to the aesthetic concepts the beautiful and the sublime. For Hatakeyama, the sublime, which…

October 2012
  • Naoya Hatakeyama