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Title Release Date Artist(s)
Brice Marden: Looking at paintings

Artist Brice Marden discusses various ways of looking at paintings.

January 2007
Jeff Wall on staged photography

Photographer Jeff Wall discusses the origins of staged photography.

December 2006
Jeff Wall: "I begin by not photographing"

Photographer Jeff Wall discusses his artistic process.

December 2006
Jeff Wall on the influence of painting

Photographer Jeff Wall discusses the aesthetic similarities and differences between photographs and paintings, and explains the ways that paintings have influenced his photographic…

December 2006
Henry Wessel on the road

Henry Wessel discusses taking photographs while on the road.

December 2006
Henry Wessel on his artistic process

Photographer Henry Wessel explains his artistic process.

December 2006
Henry Wessel discusses "Night Walk"

Photographer Henry Wessel discusses his series Night Walk.

December 2006
Kota Ezawa on the evolution of his drawings

Kota Ezawa discusses the way his works evolve from photographic images into drawings.

December 2006
Anselm Kiefer on being an artist

German painter Anselm Kiefer offers his perspective on being an artist.

October 2006
Anselm Kiefer on mythology and human experience

German painter Anselm Kiefer discusses the relationship between mythology and human experience.

October 2006
Deborah Luster on the origins of One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana

Photographer Deborah Luster discusses the origins of her project One Big Self:Prisoners of Louisiana (1998–2002). 

September 2006
Deborah Luster on her accidental performance work

Deborah Luster speaks about the way surveillance cameras intended to secure the installation of One Big Self transformed the piece into a video performance work.

September 2006
Deborah Luster discusses printing on aluminum plates

Deborah Luster discusses her method of using aluminum photographic plates.

September 2006
Deborah Luster discusses individual works from her One Big Self project

Photographer Deborah Luster discusses a few examples of the more than 25,000 portraits she created as part of One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana (1998–2002).

September 2006
Patricia Albers on Tina Modotti and Edward Weston

Curator Patricia Albers discusses the time that photographers Tina Modotti and Edward Weston spent in Mexico.

September 2006
Matthew Barney on ambergris

Artist Matthew Barney discusses ambergris as a metaphor for how one interacts with a new environment.

June 2006
Matthew Barney on the origins of DRAWING RESTRAINT

Matthew Barney discusses the origins of his series DRAWING RESTRAINT.

June 2006
Matthew Barney on the field emblem

Artist Matthew Barney considers the field emblem, one of the central motifs in his series DRAWING RESTRAINT.

June 2006
Matthew Barney discusses his influences

Matthew Barney talks about the ways performance art and works such as Richard Serra's Gutter Corner Splash: Night Shift (1969/1995) influenced his development as an artist.

June 2006
Matthew Barney on working in Japan

While in Japan working on his film DRAWING RESTRAINT 9, Matthew Barney was deeply influenced by his new environment. Here he discusses his efforts to communicate in a foreign…

June 2006
Matthew Barney on DRAWING RESTRAINT 9

Matthew Barney discusses his film Drawing Restraint 9.

June 2006
Matthew Barney discusses his materials

Matthew Barney discusses the use of plastics and petroleum jelly as art materials.

June 2006
Amy Franceschini on victory gardens

Artist Amy Franceschini looks back on the victory gardens of the early 20th century and talks about her own victory garden project.

March 2006
Richard Tuttle on treating art as adventure

Sculptor Richard Tuttle discusses his views about the meaning and purpose of art.

July 2005
Who is Richard Tuttle?

This video introduces Richard Tuttle, one of the foremost artists of our time. He uses a wide variety of materials—from paint to wire to plywood—to create delicate…

July 2005
Richard Tuttle: Painter or sculptor?

Curator Madeleine Grynsztejn discusses the way Tuttle's work blurs traditional boundaries between painting, sculpture, and drawing.

July 2005
Richard Tuttle's use of language

Curator Madeleine Grynsztejn discusses Tuttle's use of language.

July 2005
Looking at Richard Tuttle's work

Curators Madeleine Grynsztejn and Connie Butler present a framework for understanding a work by Richard Tuttle.

July 2005
Early criticisms of Richard Tuttle's work

Marcia Tucker recounts the art world's reaction to Tuttle's first major museum exhibition. 

July 2005
Richard Tuttle and the idea of nothingness

Richard Tuttle and curator Connie Butler explore the use of small scale and humble materials in Tuttle's work.

July 2005