Art for All

Opening the Museum to the Community

Snøhetta, SFMOMA Expansion Howard Street Gallery; rendering: courtesy Snøhetta and MIR

At SFMOMA we believe in the public mission of art. Contemporary art, in particular, is about taking the transformative power of the new and unexpected and making it accessible and meaningful to as many members of our community as possible.

So we have designed our new building to include windows and doors into public spaces, so that passersby can glimpse and sample art on a daily basis.

We will offer an integrated experience of art in our new public galleries and reconfigured entrance areas, comprising over 41,000 square feet of public space. To encourage everyone in our community to come into the museum and to experience art, these galleries and entrance spaces will be open to all, free of charge.

With sufficient donor support, we aspire to commission leading contemporary artists to create new works of art for these spaces. We plan to involve artists from around the world working in a wide variety of media. With three spaces dedicated to this type of work, the museum will be able to continually rotate and refresh the artworks on view, creating a dynamic and ever-changing experience for visitors.

Interested in supporting this initiative? Learn about joining the Campaign to Transform SFMOMA.