Fostering Creativity

Photo: Andria Lo

The young people in our diverse community represent the promise of San Francisco and the Bay Area. We are committed to sparking a lifelong dialogue with every young person in the community about constantly seeking fresh ways to see, think, and engage with the world through art. Our commitment to education is an enduring pledge to foster creativity in the young people of San Francisco and help ensure innovation in the future of the Bay Area.

Our goal: to spur creativity and foster a lifelong engagement with the arts.

Our plan: to almost triple the number of K-12 students who visit SFMOMA, from 18,000 to 50,500 each year.

We are particularly focused on providing access to art for students in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). Currently admission is free to students 12 years old and under. With sufficient donor support, we aspire to:

We also understand the critical importance of great teachers. Our plans include innovations in teacher training, and promotion of collaborative teaching.

Want to see our commitment in action? Explore our teacher programs and events, teacher resources, and school programs.

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