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    Ezra Stoller, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Mies van der Rohe (with Philip Johnson and Kahn and Jacobs), Seagram Building, New York City, 1958
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    Wayne Andrews, Minoru Yamasaki, Reynolds Office Building, Southfield, Michigan, 1959
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    Hernán Díaz Alonso, Landmark Tower/U2 Studio Project, Dublin, Ireland (Model)
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    PATTERNS, Marcelo Spina, New Busan Tower Project, Busan, Korea
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    Mark Naden, Topos chair
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    Arne Jacobsen, AJ flatware
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    Lebbeus Woods,

    Einstein Tomb poster

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    Unknown, Angela Davis Urges, Declare Your Independence. Vote for Hall and Tyner
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    Bill Olive, Happy Birthday Huey P. Newton
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    Brian Stauffer, Artists Against the War
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    Brian Alfred, Untitled (Colored Windows)
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    Chicago Women's Liberation Union, No More Fun and Games
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    Ant Farm, Convention City 1976
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    Morphosis, San Francisco Federal Building study model
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    Lebbeus Woods,

    Drawing for Einstein Tomb

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    Lebbeus Woods,

    Drawing for Einstein Tomb

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    Sol LeWitt, Benziger Print