Susan Meiselas


1948, Baltimore, Maryland

Portrait of photographer Susan Meiselas

Image: © Meryl Levin


During the late 1970s and 1980s, Susan Meiselas photographed the violent civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. She explains the graphic and disturbing stories behind specific images, and speaks more broadly about the ethics and responsibilities of a photographer documenting and engaging with history.

Works in the Collection


Exchange Rates: 20 dirhams or 1 photo?

By Corey Keller, July 2018
A set of persistent questions has guided Susan Meiselas’s work since the very beginning of her career: Whom are these pictures for? Whom do they serve? What are the responsibilities of the photographer toward her subject? Meiselas’s deeply ethical practice hinges on a transformation of the charged relationship between the person photographing and the person being photographed from one of power, to one of exchange.

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