Kiki Smith
Lilith, 1994

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Artwork title
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Kiki Smith
Date created
silicon bronze and glass
33 in. × 27 1/2 in. × 19 in. (83.82 cm × 69.85 cm × 48.26 cm)
Date acquired
Collection SFMOMA
Accessions Committee Fund purchase
© Kiki Smith
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Not on view at this time.

Audio Stories

What does this pose feel like? Aerial dancer Courtney Moreno finds out

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SFX FADE IN: Ambient sound from climbing gym; sounds of clipping in



There’s definitely a lot of blood rushing to my head… I mean it feels very fly on the wall in terms of the perspective…


NARRATOR (coming in over the gym):

That’s aerial dancer Courtney Moreno, hanging vertically in exactly the same position as the woman in this sculpture.



There’s something sort of secretive about it maybe no one can see me, because of what I can and can’t see.



Kiki Smith, the artist, named this piece Lilith.


KIKI SMITH (cross fades):

I mean Lilith is a kind of shunned character but then she was looked at again as a female defiant figure that she’s the –you know, traditionally, the first wife of Adam. And she won’t lay under him.



According to Hebrew legends, Adam and Lilith were made from the same substance. So she saw herself as an equal.



Like she won’t be domesticated in a certain sense. She was this sort of uncontrollable spirited creature.



So God cast Lilith away to live as a night demon.



I feel sneaky and kind of coiled up, like I’m about to pounce or I’m about to spring sideways or something like that.



Did you get a look at her eyes? Smith got them from a German doll maker. Is it just me, or is there some force behind them?



It’s very disconcerting,


NARRATOR (coming in over the top):

The sound of this audio clip is really bad, but what she’s saying is very interesting –



It’s very disconcerting, like when I’ve lived with my work, I didn’t like it because I like to live alone, and I didn’t like [laughter] other beings there…



Let’s get back to Courtney, who’s still hanging on the wall –



Then in terms of flying out from here, I can push off my left foot…here I go….


SFX: sound of the ropes as she leaps off the wall Ambi voice: — You look like a night flying demon! [Laughter]

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