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Broadside Art, Inc. brochure for Robert Rauschenberg's Autobiography

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Broadside Art, Inc. brochure for Robert Rauschenberg’s Autobiography (1968). SFMOMA Permanent Collection Object Files

Research Material

This brochure was produced to advertise Autobiography and explain that the work’s three large panels could be arranged either side-by-side or vertically, depending on the space in which it was displayed. The publication includes an illustration in which the three panels wrap over the molding onto the ceiling and down onto the floor of a living room in a private home. The brochure was printed by Broadside Art, Inc., an organization Rauschenberg cofounded with Marion Javits (1925–2017), Milton Glaser (b. 1929), and Clay Felker (1925–2008) that made a billboard press available to artists, enabling them to produce inexpensive large-scale prints.

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