Frank Stella
Double Concentric: Scramble, 1971

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Artwork title
Double Concentric: Scramble
Artist name
Frank Stella
Date created
acrylic paint on canvas
69 in. × 138 in. (175.26 cm × 350.52 cm)
The Doris and Donald Fisher Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
© Frank Stella / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
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Not on view at this time.

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Take a closer look at this eye-scrambling painting

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SFX: Sounds of a carnival– rides, a calliope, a shooting gallery.  



Hurry, hurry! Step right up, folks! Feast your eyes on this dizzying, depth-defying spectacle– the uh-Double! uh-Concentric! uh-Scramble! Is it one painting or two, or are they eerily conjoined? Study these square, tandem bullseyes at your own peril!  


SFX: A beebee hits a target in the shooting gallery nearby. 


What you see is what you see, folks! One looms large, as the other recedes! Its a funhouse for the eyes! Can you reconcile the colors — Smaller to larger! Larger to smaller! — as they invert themselves in this visual labyrinth?  


SFX: A slide whistle 


Pick a color, any color, on the left! Now chase it! Chase it over to the right and youll find it in another size, and precisely the opposite order that it appears– back on your left! Ladies and gentlemen, is this witchcraft? Is this mesmerism? Is it two dimensions, or three? Is this simply a flat canvas, skillfully manipulated by symmetry, geometry, color and line…? Or are you in fact falling, falling, into the rabbit hole of your own cerebral cortex?  


SFX: A roller coaster goes down a big dip 


This wonder, once seen, can never be unseen — and if you find yourself in Wonderland, tell ‘em Frank Stella sent ya!  


SFX: Music up and out. 

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