Art Sandwiched In at FOG Design+Art

Friday, January 17, 2014, 9:00 a.m.

Festival Pavilion

Join the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Modern Art Council on the go as we delve into the world of design at FOG Design+Art, the city's newest modernism fair, featuring prominent 20th-century and contemporary design dealers and a selection of leading modern and contemporary art galleries. In collaboration with the FOG Design+Art Steering Committee, we invite you to enjoy a delicious breakfast in a private design lounge, followed by an explorative panel discussion with leading members of the design and architecture community.

Key Moments in Contemporary Design and Art: What to Know When Building a Collection
9:00 a.m. Reception
Coffee and high-design breakfast treats from Jane
9:45 a.m. Panel Discussion
Moderated by Claudia Mahecha, Supernatural, San Francisco

Michael Boyd, BoydDesign, San Francisco and Los Angeles

Douglas Durkin, Designers Forum Chair, Douglas Durkin Design, San Francisco

Roth Martin, Hedge Gallery, San Francisco

Jessica Silverman, Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco
10:30 a.m. Tour
Private tour of FOG Design+Art led by Douglas Durkin

Presented by the Modern Art Council
Candace Cavanaugh, president, Modern Art Council; Laura Nagle and Annie Robinson Woods, co-chairs, Art Sandwiched In