Bay Area Ecstatic

Thursday, November 18, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

Phyllis Wattis Theater

The San Francisco Bay Area has for decades been the epicenter of a branch of mystically inclined experimental filmmaking that seeks to induce ecstasy in viewers. Andersch conceived this program in conjunction with his oral history project documenting the movement, featuring interviews with such luminaries as Bruce Baillie and Stan Brakhage. The program also coincides with the publication of Radical Light, a new history of Bay Area experimental cinema, to which Andersch is a contributor. Join us as we explore the realms of exalted experience conjured by local cine-sorcerers.


Introduced by Brecht Andersch, filmmaker and historian

Additional Info

Triptych in Four Parts, Lawrence Jordan, 1958, 12 min., 16mm
Chinese Firedrill, Will Hindle, 1968, 25 min., 16mm
Filmpiece for Sunshine, John Luther Schofill, 1968, 23 min., 16mm
Invocation of My Demon Brother, Kenneth Anger, 1969, 11 min., 16mm
Looking for Mushrooms (short version), Bruce Conner, 1959-1967, 3 min., 16mm
The Crossing, Timoleon Wilkins, 2007, 7 min., 16mm
Firepage, Bruce Cooper, 1991, 3 min., 16mm
Retrospectroscope, Kerry Laitala, 1997, 5 min., 16mm

Image: Kerry Laitala, Retrospectroscope, 1998; image courtesy of the artist.

Looking For Mushrooms print screens with the courtesy of the Conner Family Trust. Retrospectroscope print courtesy of the New American Cinema Group/Film-Makers' Cooperative. All other prints courtesy of Canyon Cinema.