Doug Shoemaker, Michele Sudduth

Saturday, June 07, 2014, 3:00 p.m.

SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason

  • Doug Shoemaker, Balance, 2013; photo: courtesy the artist
  • Michele Sudduth, Duo - Untitled, 2014; photo: courtesy the artist
  • Doug Shoemaker, Chain-link, 2013; photo: courtesy the artist
  • Michele Sudduth, See Sea, 2013; photo: John Janca, ArtBot Photography

In Doug Shoemaker's paintings, urban objects and manmade structures are precisely rendered in transparent watercolor. Using the minimal components of pure pigment, water, and the reveal of white paper, he achieves both luminosity — in sunlight and shadow moving across a surface, for instance — and a sense of concrete volume, as in his abstract slices of architectural geometry. San Francisco-based Shoemaker will show recent watercolors, including large-scale works.

Michele Sudduth uses acrylic paint on canvas, building up the color in thin, luminous layers and wrapping the image around the edge of the painting to integrate it into the structure of the piece. The shapes of jigsaw puzzle pieces overlap in extraordinary ways in her compositions, and sometimes intersect with series of curved lines. Her use of color is critical to the way the forms interact. She says, "I've been using the … puzzle piece to explore what I think of as a kaleidoscopic perspective — a way of seeing that is constantly moving and also capable of accommodating ambiguity." Sudduth, also based in San Francisco, will exhibit recent paintings.